About Me

     A little bit about myself...

     (Don't you hate having to talk about yourself? This feels like the first day of school when you have to stand up and tell the class three things about yourself. I never know what to say. Its the worst!)
     Well I should probably start off by telling you the one thing I know all of my friends would say about me if they were trying to describe my personality... I am probably one of the most honest and blunt people you will ever meet and I have NO FILTER at all, whatsoever. Now don't get me wrong, I am not a mean or hateful person. In fact, I pride myself in being able to say that I am probably the nicest and most loyal person I know. I LOVE drama, but not when it involves me. I love to read and watch cheesy television shows (primarily reality TV). I'm working on becoming more confident and I am super goofy and love to laugh. I love to spend hours on the phone with my sisters and girlfriends. Since most of my closest friends have moved away I love to have Skype dates and have the occasional drink. I work hard on keeping a decent figure. I eat as well as I can and despise meat. The only reason I am not a vegetarian is I am too lazy to have to make my family dinner with meat and myself dinner without it. I LOATHE exercise, but once and a while I get super into an exercise plan and throw myself into it full force. I used to love music, but lately I have fallen out of the music scene and prefer to hear a morning show or comedian on the radio. I try to be the best wife and mom that I can be, but I definitely have room to grow. I'm learning more about life and people every day and I love it. I have found that even the bad things that happen in life have a bright side because I almost always find that it happens for a reason and definitely always find that it teaches me something about myself. I am just starting to get into a place where I know who I am and am truly happy about that. After 3 years of staying home with my kids I have realized that it's time for me to come out of hiding and start socializing again! I have been with my husband for around 7 years now and married to him for almost 5 of those years. It definitely has not been easy but it has been very rewarding and we work every day to keep each other happy and provide an amazing life for our two babies.
     There are a lot of things that annoy me and that I hate about life, but I don't really feel like focusing time on negative thoughts unless I have to. My goal is for this blog to document my life and my joys, my lessons and my struggles. I have so many goals for myself that I work toward every day. This week for example I find myself working on improving my spirituality through meditation, strengthening my relationship with God, finding new ways to keep my husband and children happy and healthy, changing my thought patterns from negative to positive, not making fear based decisions, expanding my circle of friends and growing my business. For the last 4 years I spent my time focusing on my husband and children, my needs and my wants have been placed on hold and now that they are a little bit older I am able to slowly work myself back into my world. Being a mom is truly the most selfless jobs a person can have. I wouldn't change that for the world, but I am eager to have a little "me" time again! Hopefully this blog will help me to log my journey and my ups and downs and everything in between!