My Wings

Nothing is heavy to those who have wings...

     My family members are my wings. There has never been a time in my life where I've needed them and they've let me down. They are the most important people in my life and I love them more than words could express.
     I have the most amazing husband. We met when we were kids and had no interest at all in each other until our mid to late twenties. He is very quiet and reserved but also very warm and caring. He doesn't express his emotions in the same ways that most people do, but he always makes his love clear in his own way. We are complete opposites and I LOVE that. He balances me out. He lets me be the center of attention when I want to be and he has helped me to change my wild ways without changing who I am.
     When we found out we were going to have our daughter, we were thrilled, but we had no idea what we were in for. She is the most beautiful little girl in the world. She looks just just like me and is equally as crazy and loud as I am, but she is a MAJOR daddy's girl! She lights up our life in every way possible! Every day is something new with her. Don't get me wrong, she is a handful, but just when I think I cant take it anymore, she does something cute or flashes a smile and I am reminded of just how amazing having her is.
     Shortly after Farrah (our daughter) turned 1, we found out we were expecting another baby and although we were hesitant at first we quickly warmed up and our hearts were once again filled with excitement! Shortly into the pregnancy we lost the baby and were devistated. You can imagine our relief and joy when we were able to bring our son Micah into the world. He has the hugest and most beautiful eyes on the planet! He lights up the room with his joy and is the best baby anyone could ask for! He looks just like his dad and has his warm and quiet personality and a horrible temper! There is nothing like the feeling I get every morning when he lights up and greets me with more love than I could ever imagine receiving from another human being.
     The little family I have created is my sun, my moon and my stars. I love them so much it hurts. I never really believed that it was possible to have that kind of love, but it is! I'm so blessed to be able to feel it!
     My parents raised my siblings and I in a warm and very loving home. They provided for us in every way and I am eternally thankful for all that they have sacrificed for us. My dad is a the hardest worker I have ever met. He is uber sensitive and is always watching out for us kids. My mom is the most loving person I could have grown up with. She always put her children first and herself second and never gave up on us. They raised my siblings and I to not tolerate hostility and never hold a grudge.
     My siblings... What would I do without my siblings??? I would be lost without them. My older sister, Michelle, is the reason I can never make a decision. She was always so bossy growing up that I never had to worry about choosing things because she would chose for me. She was so wise beyond her years and was kind of like my mini momma. I admired her more than anyone or anything. I still do. Whenever I find myself in a predicament, I know she is just a phone call away and I always feel better after I talk to her! When I grow up, I want to be just like her! Oh! And I cant go without mentioning her beautiful family. She married her high school sweetheart whom I adore. They have been together for like 16 years and are only in their early 30's, so I really grew up with him around like an older brother. They have two beautiful kids that shock and amaze me on a daily basis. They are probably the smartest and sweetest children I have ever met.
     Stephanie is my younger sister but everyone always thinks we are twins. We look a LOT alike and to me that is a HUGE compliment. She has the best taste in clothes and jewelry and I always beg her to be my personal stylist, but she thinks I'm crazy. She is so thoughtful and is always finding ways to help me out when I need it. She is completely selfless and has grown into an amazing woman.
     Nayef is the youngest of the four of us but he is also probably the oldest soul. He is a very profound person and I think he definitely inherited the creative gene. He is currently working two jobs and going to school which I think speaks volumes of his character. He has become very witty and hilarious as he has grown up and I have become very proud of the man he is.
     My grandparents are also a HUGE part of my life. I talk to my grandmother maybe 4 times a day and we could talk for hours and hours. I think everyone who knows her would agree that she is the most innocent and kindest person in the world. She couldn't hurt an ant. No, literally. She gets a few ants on her bathroom sink and she feels sorry for them because they are just trying to feed their families, so she gets bits of sugar and sprinkles them on the counter so that their families don't starve. My grandparents have been married for 60 years and still adore each other. I am so lucky to have them and am trying to cherish every minute of the time we have left together.
     Last but not least... my in laws. I don't understand how in laws get such a bad reputation. I adore them! They are so supportive and helpful in every way that they could be. In addition, they love my daughter more than anyone could imagine. It makes me so happy to see the way she lights up when her grandparents walk into a room. My husbands mother and I have grown very close over the past couple of years and I know I could depend on her for anything. My father in law is a lot like me in that he is very dramatic, but he is also very loving and affectionate. My brother in law is very quiet, but he is also a very beautiful person. He prides himself in being the best uncle he can be and I know that if we ever needed him, he would always be there.